Hey guys. I’m going on hiatus until after Easter! Sorry to do this to you, but with my internship, Easter, and my part time job that’s given my full time hours over the next couple of weeks, I’m beyond busy! I have scheduled a Monday Mate this Monday, with a wonderful guest, but other than that, this blog will be very quiet until after the holidays.

See you soon!

Handsome guy lying on the field. Young man enjoying nature

I literally have no excuse for my lapse in posting other than time has escaped me. I’ve recently begun an internship with a psychologist (yay!), but that means I’ve had far too much on mind to keep up with what’s happening in other places (like my blog!). But, I will fix this, I promise! Regular postings will begin again on Monday. Until then, have Chapter Six and Seven of Dirty Mess!

Please note that this story is copyrighted and no part of Dirty Mess may be copied without my permission. It’s also unedited work.