Welcome to Meg’s Blog!

Welcome to Meg Bawden’s blog.


Welcome to my blog! For those who don’t know who I am, I am a gay romance author. My main author website can be found HERE.

In this blog, I will have daily events that I hope you enjoy! The daily events include:

Mondays: Mate Monday – I’ll be visited by a new author every Monday.
Tuesdays: Taylor Tuesday – This will be the day I post a chapter of my blog story. The story will begin in 2018.
Wednesdays: Wet Wednesdays – Every Wednesday will be a picture of a very hot wet male ;).
Thursdays: Teaser Thursday – I will post teasers from my stories every Thursday.
Fridays: Free for All Friday – Anything and everything will happen on Fridays!
Saturdays: Suitor Saturday – Every Saturday, I’ll post of a picture of a potential character. AKA. More hot men!
Sundays: Snapshot Sunday – Every Sunday, I will post a short snippet from my characters enjoying their life. Just a snapshot into their world. This will also begin in 2018.

Some of these activities will begin on the 27th November, so I hope you can join me for some fun!

Also, I’m having a party to celebrate the opening of my blog on the 25th and 26th November. They’ll be heaps of prizes to win and games to play. If you’d like to join, follow my Facebook profile for more information.

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