Teaser Thursday – Week 1

Books and a coffee cup

My very first Teaser Thursday and how can I not start with my blog story, which begins in January. Please take note that this is unedited work.


Dirty Mess excerpt, by Meg Bawden

Fuck. Fuckity fucking fuck.Dirty Mess.jpg

Taylor jammed his thumb on the end call button and glared at his phone. He wondered if his dad could feel his burning gaze through the line, but he doubted it because he’d already hung up and his dad lived somewhere in Texas now. Or maybe Louisiana. He didn’t know anymore.

“Bro!” His roommate stumbled into the dorm, a bottle of beer in his hand. He raised the bottle and swallowed whatever alcohol was left in it before he dumped it in the trashcan.

“Hey, don’t leave it there. Alcohol isn’t allowed in the dorms.” Taylor turned his glare on Isaac.

Isaac hiccupped, then laughed as he fell onto the bed, making the mattress squeak. “You’re so stuck-up, dude.”

“I am not.” His fist squeezed his phone and his glare deepened. “Now, get the fuck off my bed.”

Isaac made a confused noise and glanced around the room, as though he didn’t realize he was lying on Taylor’s bed. He laughed again, and it took three attempts at rocking himself before he rose off the mattress and landed on his own. “What’s up your ass anyway?”

“None of your business.” Taylor threw his phone on the desk that sat between their beds and fell onto his mattress. His nose crinkled at the sweat stain his roommate left behind. He wondered if he could change the sheets at midnight. Probably not.

“You’re so prissy.” Isaac waved an impatient hand at him and snuggled further into his pillow.

“I am not.” This was a constant argument with Isaac, ever since they were roomed together for the first time. The guy thought Taylor came from money and so he was  privileged. It was no lie that Taylor’s father had billions, but there was no spoiled treatment when it came to him. The only reason his father had paid for his tuition was to get Taylor out of his hair, until now. “My father’s not paying for my degree anymore.”

Isaac pretended to wipe his eyes. “Oh, what a pity, princess.”


Excited? It starts in January, so keep an eye out for it 😉

Disclaimer: No part of this excerpt may be copied or used in any way. This work is copyrighted to Meg Bawden.

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