Mate Monday: Brooke Edwards

Love like there is no else around

Another Monday, another mate! And it’s Brooke Edwards’ turn!

G’day and welcome, Brooke ‘bloody awesome’ Edwards. Thank you so much for joining me at my blog for Mate Monday. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here as an author mate. I’d love to get to know you and your writing process a little better.

First, let’s do an author quickie. 😉

  1. Pizza or pie? Only if the pie is apple!
  2. Books or movies? Both – all depends on the mood. In the mood for books moreso usually.
  3. Food or sex? Definitely food.
  4. Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans? Evans – I relate to Steve Rogers on a deep level in that I am also small and want to fight things constantly.
  5. Lady Gaga or Beyoncé? Don’t really have a huge opinion on either.
  6. Music or silence? Each have their merits – usually music though.
  7. Xbox or Playstation? I only have a PS4 so I guess that’s my only option!
  8. PC or Mac? PC for sure.
  9. Mum or dad? I’ve always been a daddy’s girl at heart.
  10. Blond or brunet? Not fussy.
  11. Abs or smile? Definitely smile.
  12. Kindness or good looking? Kindness for sure.
  13. Morning or night? Night – mornings are a cruel and particular torture.
  14. Sexy clothes or comfortable clothes? Comfortable all the way.
  15. Softdrink (soda) or alcohol? Can I pick coffee instead?

Sweet Dreams FB Cover.jpg

And some further questions:

  1. What is your favourite part about being an author?

Speaking to someone who just gets your characters or your book, or hearing how much it affected them. We make things out of nothing when we write our books and knowing that we did it, that when we put all those little squiggles on those pieces of paper they told a story that resonated with someone? That’s the best feeling in the world.


  1. Is there anything you’d change about your writing or about being an author?

I definitely wish it was easier to switch off that internal critic, the one that peers over my shoulder and laughs at 90% of the words on the page. I also wish I was better at planning because I’m positive it would make me a quicker, more efficient writer. Unfortunately I’m beginning to realise that my stories come to life at their own pace. I don’t think I’d change the end product, but the process can be frustrating.

  1. When did you know you wanted to write stories?

When I was 11, a friend and I started this ‘book’. He wasn’t much of a writer, but had a really vivid imagination so we worked pretty well together. As for the story itself, it was horribly embarrassing and I’m so glad it has disappeared into the sands of time, but I think we had about 80 full typed Word pages by the end and we showed it to the librarian one day. A few days later, she slipped the folder back to me during our class library session and there was a handwritten note on the back. “I fully expect to read a published book of yours one day.” It always stuck with me. I’m not sure she thought I’d end up writing gay romance, but one day I hope to run into her again and tell her that she was right.


  1. Do you have a favourite character you’ve written? If so, can you tell us about him or her?

I’m working on the first book of a new series at the moment, affectionately known as #thatconmenthing until I figure out a title. I am ridiculously fond of Derek from the Casus Fortuitus series, but I wholeheartedly adore the MCs I’m working with right now, Blake and Mikael. I can’t tell you a whole lot about them without spoiling the story but they’re about as different as it’s possible for two conmen to get, in personality AND their moral codes.

  1. What’s your favourite book you’ve written thus far?

It would have to be a tie between ‘When Fate Falls Short’ and ‘Law and Disorder’. I was really emotionally invested in ‘When Fate Falls Short’ and I worked on it for a really long time. It was also my second release, and the first one that I actually submitted and really cared about whether it would be accepted. ‘Mens Rea’ was written and submitted on a whim (with no plans ever for a sequel, let alone the entire Casus Fortuitus series that is now planned), but I wrote ‘When Fate Falls Short’ specifically to submit and publish and the fear of rejection was incredibly real. ‘Law and Disorder’ was just so much fun, revisiting James and Derek and getting taken along for the ride. I think those two will always have a place in my heart because of how much I’ve learned from each of them.

  1. What are your writing plans for the future?

I have so many plans that I regularly get a bit overwhelmed and have to sit down and have a break. It’s a vicious cycle. This coming year my writing and publishing plan says 6 new releases and an expansion/re-release. I’m going to be over the moon if I release 3, because that will be a step up from the 2 I managed to release this year. The goal is for my writing to be able to pay my bills by 2020, so we’ll see how I go.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your book?

It’s still in early stages, so this is the best I can do right now!
A pair of conmen who are polar opposites find themselves running different cons on the same target, which ends in inevitable disaster. When they flee the scene of the crime, it makes sense to stick together, right? With every con they pull off together, they attract more and more notice when their entire livelihood depends on their ability to blend in. It isn’t only the unwelcome attention from the police and one particularly dogged FBI agent they have to worry about – both of them have skeletons lurking in their pasts that could bring everything crashing down at any second.


Thanks for visiting me, Brooke! If you have any questions for Brooke, don’t be shy! Comment here and ask her! 😀

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