Mate Monday – Victoria Escobar

Love like there is no else around

It’s time for another Mate Monday! We have another special guest this week, with the wonderful Victoria Escobar joining me!

G’day and welcome Victoria Escobar. Thank you so much for joining me at my blog for Mate Monday. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here as an author mate. I’d love to get to know you and your writing process a little better.

First, let’s do an author quickie. 😉

  1. Pizza or pie? Pizza
  2. Books or movies? Books
  3. Food or sex? Food
  4. Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans? Evans all the way.
  5. Lady Gaga or Beyoncé? Ouch. Gaga.
  6. Music or silence? Music.
  7. Xbox or Playstation? Playstation.
  8. PC or Mac? PC.
  9. Mum or dad? Mum.
  10. Blond or brunet? Brunet.
  11. Abs or smile? Smile.
  12. Kindness or good looking? Kind.
  13. Morning or night? Night.
  14. Sexy clothes or comfortable clothes? Comfy.
  15. Soft drink (soda) or alcohol? Water. I don’t drink either.


And some further questions:

  1. What is your favourite part about being an author?

I love creating my own little worlds. Writing is practically the only profession that let’s a person create anything from people to galaxies and it not be considered crazy. At least, not too crazy.

  1. Is there anything you’d change about your writing or about being an author?

I have a terrible habit of writing a scene three or four times in different ways in order to “see” the best picture. It ties me up sometimes but I can’t write past it; it’ll drive me nuts.

  1. When did you know you wanted to write stories?

I’ve always daydreamed and played pretend. That’s really where writing starts. When I learned to put it down to paper that’s when it exploded to something tangible.

  1. Do you have a favourite character you’ve written? If so, can you tell us about him or her?

Nicholas Walker is my absolute favourite character. He was the most fun to write. He’s essentially a three year old in a grown up body. Walker has moments when he’s the sweetest thing, then can turn around a throw a champion tantrum.

  1. What’s your favourite book you’ve written thus far?

Touch of Fire is currently in the editing process, but to date it’s my favourite written. Favorite published is Songbird – Nicholas’s story.

  1. Were there any deleted scenes in your books you’ve written? If so, why were they deleted, and would you ever share them with your readers?

Yes and I don’t know. I have a fade to black scene in Peerless that just didn’t feel right with the details. There are a couple fade to blacks, or implied scenes in Songbird that weren’t necessary to drive the plot or emotion so I took them out. I have scenes for Unnatural Selection that made the story ridiculously long, but provided background for some of the side characters. Since Unnatural Selection isn’t their story I cut those as well.

  1. How often do you write? Do you find it difficult to sit down at those times to write?

I write every day. Sometimes by pen and paper, sometimes only in my head, other times on Word or a cloud program. I don’t find it difficult at all to write. It’s more—what am I going to work on today? I have three in progress, two in editing, and always something new simmering in the back of my mind. I can’t write fast enough sometimes.

  1. How do you find inspiration?

People watch. Anime/Manga. Other books. Movies. The idea usually comes about from a character or scenario. For instance:

I’m watching an anime and the character has the ability to cast spells as long as she’s blindfolded. –my mind goes into a tailspin. What if the blindfold only blocks her vision of this physical realm and she’s actually seeing peoples’ souls? Maybe she’s not seeing souls and it’s the realms of the universe overlapping which gives her power. How many realms do you think she can see at a time? What if they all overlap and she’s not entirely sure sometimes which realm she’s seeing. Wait! What if she walks in all the realms at once so she’s not sure which realm she’s actually in. Maybe when she takes off the blindfold it puts her into the realm that she last participated in.

And this can go on forever but this is how my mind churns on stuff and creates new stuff. In the anime the blindfold was magical the way a staff is (kinda boring but oh well). It did none of the things I thought it could do but it allowed my mind to flex and create ideas. (I have not written any of these; this was just an example).

  1. What are your writing plans for the future?

Oh, lots of plans. Finish editing the two that I’ve got done, finish writing the three I got started.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your book?

The most recent, Songbird, is about a girl in hiding and a guy the eyes of the world. He’s a country music artist—a piece of work—and in need of guidance. She’s given a chance (and a boatload of money) to be his babysitter. It’s a constant battle of wits that’s amusing and sensual at the same time.


Book Information


Book Title: Songbird

Book Blurb: Bianca ran from her past with the hope of being forgotten. Instead of living her dreams, she wasted her skills at a famous entertainment hall in Nashville. An offer to wrangle country music’s infamous bad boy, Nicholas Walker, proved too good to refuse.

However, life on the road presented its own challenges. Walker acted like an overgrown toddler that missed his nap. The band supported her takeover but the massive crew protested answering to a woman. On top of tip toeing around egos, discretion needed to be maintained while feeding Walker’s infamous sexual appetite.

She never expected Walker to focus his wandering eyes on her. When her past returned fighting Walker didn’t seem as vital as keeping him alive. Walking away should be easy, but first they must all make it through unharmed.

Buy Links:


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