Teaser Thursday – Week 3

Books and a coffee cup
Books and a coffee cup on a windowsill

Better late than never! I apologise for this late post, but it’s been a hectic week of Christmas shopping and organising Christmas! Gotta love that time of year! But here, let me give you another Teaser Thursday. For those who’ve read North to Zombieville, this is a teaser of book 2, tentatively called Welcome to Zombieville, with an inspiration picture of my Matt <3.

As usual, this is unedited work.

shutterstock_266042624.jpgChapter One

25 June, 2028

“Matty, I’m scared,” Jamie whispered, gripping the sleeve of Matt’s shirt. He was sitting in the passenger seat, his jade eyes wide and full of tears. His bottom lip wobbled, but he was a strong boy. Always had been, so he wasn’t sobbing. Jamie had been through everything Matt had and they had learnt to be strong, even if Jamie was much younger than he was.

“I know, Jame. I know. We’re gonna be fine though, okay? We’re nearly at Dad’s house and he’ll protect us from the monsters.” Matt smiled at his younger brother. He was trying to keep the fear out of his voice, but he didn’t think he was very successful.

Outside, it was the beginning of the evening. The sun had gone down early, as it always did in winter, and darkness kidnapped the light. They were in their mother’s old Toyota, with Matt in the driver’s seat. They’d driven all the way from Kelso, although it had taken them longer than what would normal. It was hard enough that Matt had never been taught to drive, but abandoned cars littered the roads that led to the other side of Townsville.

With the sunlight receded, the monsters were even louder than usual and they slowly began to fill the streets. Matt grabbed his brother and cocked his head towards the back seat.

“Get in the back and lie down.”

“But…but, what about you, Matty?” Jamie’s words weren’t pronounced properly, but Matt understood him perfectly. He raised him after all.

“I’ll protect you, Jamie.”

Jamie’s lip shook harder, but he nodded and did as he was told.

A monster dragged itself beside their car just as Jamie settled in. Its mouth was drooped to one side and its back was hunched, the arms hanging limp in front of it. The surprise of seeing the creature was enough to make Matt jump in a mixture of fear and astonishment and accidently hit the horn of the car. The monster spun its head so quickly that Matt heard the crack through the door. Then they were staring into each other’s eyes, or at least the version of the monster’s eyes. There was no visible iris, instead the entire eye was a faded black.

It blinked at Matt and opened its mouth, flashing its rotten teeth as it groaned pitifully.

“Matty?” Jamie’s small voice shook.

“It’s okay,” Matt said, “it can’t see us.”

The creature slammed its hand on the driver window, causing Matt to let out a scream of shock. On its hand was blood and as the creature slid its hand down the window, the red liquid left behind a smear. The monster grinned and Matt knew it could see or hear them.

He switched on the ignition of the car and slammed down the accelerator. There was no way in hell that he was going to risk Jamie’s life. The sedan jolted into action at the sudden acceleration and grumbled for a second, before it roared to life. The street they were speeding down was mostly empty, but as he turned right sharply, he was met with a highway full of abandoned cars. Matt had to slam on his brake so he wouldn’t backend a large ute.

Jamie let out a scream and Matt felt the punch of Jamie’s small body against the back of his seat. He swore, spinning around to his brother.


Jamie’s big, watery eyes glanced up at him.

“Are you okay? Why didn’t you put on your seatbelt?” Matt snapped, fear directing his every word. Jamie could have went flying through the front windscreen without his seatbelt.

Jamie stuck his thumb in his mouth, a bad habit of his since he was a baby. “I didn’t know we were driving,” he said around his finger. He began sobbing, big blobs of tears sliding down his round cheeks.

Matt’s racing heart slowed and he sighed, guilt gnawing at him. He hadn’t told Jamie to put on his seatbelt and it was his fault that his brother could have been hurt.

“Are you sore anywhere?” Matt asked, holding out his arms.

Jamie crawled into the front and threw himself into Matt’s arms. “No. I hit my head ‘hough.”

Matt held Jamie tightly, his eyes clenched. It was fine. His brother was still here. The creature had no chance of catching up to them, but he glanced in the rear-view mirror just to make sure. The creature from before wasn’t in sight, but there were others. One in particular caught his eye. It was large, but not fat. The monster had bulging muscles and his shoulders had to have been twice the width of Matt’s. It stood above the other creatures around it and its attention was faced towards their car. It took one step, then another towards the old Toyota.

Fear spiked through Matt and he released his brother, nudging him towards the back. “Jamie, get in the back again. Put on your seatbelt. Now!”

Jamie’s little eyebrows furrowed and he pouted. “Matty—”

“Now!” Matt said again, more forcefully. He shoved at Jamie harder and his brother didn’t argue.

Matt stared ahead of them. There were too many cars and there was no way in hell that he was going to get around them. Behind them was the monster and a few others. The others weren’t the problem, though, it was the largest creature. His pace had picked up, his thick arms were swinging beside his trunk of a body.

Matt and Jamie had two choices. Either get out and run or reverse and hope to knock the bastard down. There was no way that they’d outrun that beast though.

Mind made up, Matt jerked the car into reverse and pushed the accelerator to the floor.

For those who love this series, I’m hoping to smash out books 2-5 consecutively early next year and submit them to DSP by the middle of the year.


Disclaimer: No part of this excerpt may be copied or used in any way. This work is copyrighted to Meg Bawden. Photos are purchased from DepositPhotos. They may not be saved from this blog and used elsewhere, as it is illegal. Thank you.

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