Mate Monday – Toni Griffin


Aussie Aussie Aussie……Oi Oi Oi! We have another Aussie on Mate Monday. I’m excited to have the sweet and lovely Toni Griffin here today to talk about her new release! Woooo! Who’s excited? Me! I need to buy this book asap! But enough talking from me, let’s see what the awesome Toni has to say!


G’day and welcome Toni Griffin. Thank you so much for joining me at my blog for Mate Monday. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here as an author mate. I’d love to get to know you and your writing process a little better.

First, let’s do an author quickie. 😉

  1. Pizza or pie? Pizza
  2. Books or movies? Books, although I do love my movies as well.
  3. Food or sex? Food, no, sex, no, food, no, sex…. Gahhhhhh.. Why are you making me choose you evil woman!
  4. Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans? Gotta go with the Aussie on this one, Hemsworth!
  5. Lady Gaga or Beyoncé? Beyonce if I must choose one
  6. Music or silence? Depends. Both have their times.
  7. Xbox or Playstation? Neither, but I used to have a playstation
  8. PC or Mac? PC laptop, Apple phone and ipad
  9. Mum or dad? Both. I’m greedy
  10. Blond or brunet? Brunet
  11. Abs or smile? Smile
  12. Kindness or good looking? Kindness
  13. Morning or night? Definitely Night. Anyone that say’s they enjoy waking up in the morning is pure evil and must be sent right back to hell.
  14. Sexy clothes or comfortable clothes? Comfortable clothes all the way.
  15. Softdrink (soda) or alcohol? Water


And some further questions:

  1. What is your favourite part about being an author?

The amazing people I’ve met along the way. All my readers and fellow authors. It’s been such an incredible journey, and not one I ever imagined having. Wouldn’t change it for the world

  1. Is there anything you’d change about your writing or about being an author?

See above answer. LOL

  1. When did you know you wanted to write stories?

Never. LOL. I never wanted to write stories. Do you remember back in English class, in high school, when the teacher would set a creative writing lesson, and you had to write for the whole lesson and hand in the results at the end of class? Yeah, well, I loathed those lessons. Absolutely hated it. Never thought of myself as creative enough to actually tell a story someone wanted to read.

Boy how times change.

  1. Do you have a favourite character you’ve written? If so, can you tell us about him or her?

Brian and Marcus from Unexpected Mate hold a special place in my heart as they were my very first characters. The first voices in my head. Since them there have been so many that I don’t think I can choose a favourite. Although Adze and Archie from Archie’s Accidental Kidnapping have got to be right up there.

  1. What’s your favourite book you’ve written thus far?

18753637.jpgI have a couple of them,

Forbidden Mate from my Holland Brothers series,

Kieran from my Atherton Pack series,

and Archie’s Accidental Kidnapping from my Hounds of the Hunt series are all personal favourites of mine.

  1. Were there any deleted scenes in your books you’ve written? If so, why were they deleted, and would you ever share them with your readers?

I’ve re written/expanded several of my books due to a change in publishers, or continuation of the series. With this process there’s fairly large chunks of the original story that end up on the cutting room floor.

Take Archie’s Accidental Kidnapping for example.

AAK Was originally published as a part of the Horns & Halos Anthology. Word count was supposed to be restricted to 15-20k. The original Archie came in at just over 15k.

When I decided it was time to revisit the world and write book 2, Archie had to go through a major overhaul. The world needed to be expanded so I could continue with the rest of my plans.

The 15k story was subsequently expanded to 55k. Of that, only 5k from the original story remained.

In the story I’m currently writing, Pyro’s Accidental Shooting, I wrote an entire 1500 word scene during Nano and then realised it doesn’t work at all and it needs to be deleted. I kept it in for the end of Nano, as I wrote those damn words. LOL. But it’ll hit the cutting room floor. Never to see the light of day. I don’t tend to keep what I delete, so no one but me will ever see how bad it was. 😉

  1. How often do you write? Do you find it difficult to sit down at those times to write?

I write when I can. Which usually means late at night after a long day at work and then spending time with the child. Or on the rare occasion I get days off during the week. It’s nice to go to a café and sit and write.

  1. How do you find inspiration?

Usually in the world around me. Lots of things contribute to my writing. Funny events from my past, to things I’ve seen or done. Steps to You was born while I was climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge. Leo and Ryan started telling me their story with every step on the ladder I took

  1. What are your writing plans for the future?

Currently I’m working on Pyro’s Accidental Shooting, which I hope to have finished by the end of the month. *fingers crossed*

After that I think I might jump right into book 3 of the Hounds of the Hunt series.

Then it’s back to Atherton for book 6.

Somewhere in there I need to look at a few books that I’ve received the rights back to which need amendments before releasing again.

It’s going to be a busy year in 2018 for me.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your book?

Archie’s Accidental Kidnapping is set in Melbourne. Hellhounds have been tasked with keeping the world safe from all manner of creatures and evil beings.

One such being sets its sights on a poor human trying desperately to make ends meet. He’s saved by a hellhound who realises the human is his mate. Archie is then thrust into a whole world he never knew existed and has to come to terms with it.


Book Title: Archie’s Accidental Kidnapping

25463827_1519493598136048_1023080717_nBook Blurb: Long nights hunting supernatural beings means little time for love in Adze’s life. He and his pack mates are what protects Melbourne, and Australia, from the things that go bump in the night—very real spirits and demons who prey on humans.

Every day Archie’s life is consumed by work as he desperately tries to pay back his student debt and a loan a boyfriend took out in his name. Tired and alone, he dreams of a future with someone to love and hold him through the night.

One fateful encounter with a nephilim gone bad changes both their worlds forever. Now Adze just has to convince his heart mate he didn’t actually kidnap him.

Buy Links:

Mischief Corner Books


Oh boy, I need to read this book! Why is life so crazy? I, for one, will be buying it for myself for Christmas though! Thanks for visiting me, Toni! I’m so excited to see more from you in 2018!! 😀

For now, Mate Monday will be taking a break for Christmas Day and News Year Day! I’ll have another special guest on the 8th January!


Before I go though, who wants to win Archie’s Accidental Kidnapping? As of today, I will be buying an eBook from each author who visits me on Mate Monday and gifting it to one lucky person! All you have to do is comment on this post! Yep, that’s it. Comment for the chance to win!

Winner will be randomly drawn on December 24!


  1. I am a big fan of Toni! I love the Holland Brothers and The Atherton Pack! I can’t wait for the next book!
    Archie’s Accidental Kidnapping sounds really good. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    Liked by 1 person

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