Taylor Tuesday – Note

Taylor Tuesday.jpg

Taylor Tuesday will begin next week, on 16 January, 2018. For your excitement, I give to you, the cover and blurb! 😀

Dirty Mess

Dirty Mess

Taylor Burnham’s father cuts him off and leaves him with nothing but the reality that unless he finds a quick way to make money, he’ll be kicked out of college next semester. When his roommate introduces him to Dirty Mess, a video company that specializes in hot men and food smut, he finds himself with little choice. Dirty Mess seems like a perfect opportunity that won’t come around twice.

Ripley Reed is the founder and owner of Dirty Mess, something that only his cousin, Tate, knows. He’s one of their most popular models and has filmed with everyone on their payroll, but the moment he lays eyes on Taylor, things spiral out of control. Their connection is undeniable, and Ripley wants this gorgeous, shy young man more than he’s wanted anything ever before. The lines between their on-screen relationship and real life start to blur.

Their subscribers love them, wild for Dirty Mess’s first couple, but Ripley doesn’t know how much longer he can keep the lie alive. The choice between the company he’s created and the man he’s fallen for is harder than he ever imagined something could be.


This cover was created by the wonderful Cover Couture. To see more of her amazing work, check out her FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/covercouture/
This blurb was created specifically for this blog story. It may change once it’s time to professionally publish Dirty Mess.
I’d also like to note that Dirty Mess has not been professionally edited as of yet, but it will be done before I publish the eBook formats. Thank you ❤

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