Teaser Thursday – Week 5

Books and a coffee cup


Who’s ready for another Teaser Thursday?? This time, you get a bit from my new novel that’s coming in out in February called The Alpha’s Scarred Mate.

Without further ado:

Pure bliss. That’s what it was, what it felt like, and Remy revelled in it. Stark coldness smothered him, the icicled water consuming his lungs until he couldn’t breathe anymore. This was the end and he’d accepted it, called for it even. A burning sensation seared his insides, scolded him as his body gave up, stopped trying to fight against the weight on his ankle. The ripped skin on his face stung, a reminder of how he found himself in this situation to begin with. He was dead, and he could accept that. He let the darkness devour him, take him into its folds until his vision blurred and his mouth parted, one final attempt to ingest air. But there was nothing down there but darkness, not beneath the freezing subzero temperatures of the lake water.

Blood from his injury danced through the water beside him and Remy watched it for a moment as the deep red thinned out and all but disappeared. Blood. His blood.

Something clasped at the weight on his ankle, but he didn’t have the energy to glance down, to see what was shaking the shackle that bounded him to his death. The pounding in his ears grew louder, a thump, thump, thump that deafened him. His heartbeat, maybe, because the longer time passed, the slower the thumping grew.

The weight around his ankle shifted and lifted and he was floating again. It was gone, and he felt lighter, but he was already half-dead. Already too tired to fight anymore.

A face appeared in front of his blurring vision, a familiar face that took a moment for Remy to recognize. Xavier. His best friend. Xavier screamed at him through the water, bubbles rushing from between his blue lips at he yelled at Remy, pointed upward.

Remy frowned. Xavier shouldn’t have been here, so why was he here? He glanced up, toward the brim of the water where sun glittered, promising life. His limbs were weak, his lungs burning, and he was too tired. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t.

Xavier didn’t take no for an answer though. He twisted his arm around Remy’s waist, held on tight as his legs sliced through the water. Remy stared at them, still covered in jeans and running shoes, as though he didn’t have time to get undressed before he plunged into the darkness after Remy. Maybe he didn’t.

It took him a second to realize that Xavier hadn’t been there when Alpha Tyke slashed him with his claw, leaving a deep gash behind on his face. Xavier hadn’t been there when Alpha Tyke’s cronies held his arms and legs while he latched a weighted cuff on Remy’s ankle. And he hadn’t been there when Alpha Tyke pushed him into the freezing lake as Remy’s mother and pack looked on.

So why was Xavier here now?


DUN DUN DUN! If you’ve read The Alpha’s Birthday Gift, you’ll be familiar with Remy. This is the prologue. I’m also rewriting The Alpha’s Birthday Gift too and it’ll be offered for free.


Disclaimer: No part of this unedited excerpt may be copied or used in any way. This work is copyrighted to Meg Bawden. Photos are purchased from DepositPhotos. They may not be saved from this blog and used elsewhere, as it is illegal. Thank you.

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