Taylor Tuesday – Chapter 4 & 5

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Here it is, Taylor Thursday (even though the banner says Tuesday 😉 :P)! Chapter 4 and 5 of Dirty Mess. I apologize for missing Tuesday’s post, but I was working on 4 hours sleep over two days and I couldn’t get my mind to work for daily tasks, let alone a blog post! lol. I hope you enjoy!

Please note that this story is copyrighted and no part of Dirty Mess may be copied without my permission.


Dirty Mess

Chapter Four

Rip was going to be the death of him, he was sure of it. Taylor had exactly three ex-boyfriends and none of them were as gorgeous of Rip and none of them had his body worked up like the man beside him had. He was too close to Taylor, he smelled too good, and Taylor couldn’t get enough of him.

As soon as he arrived back to his dorm the day he met Rip, he researched him on Dirty Mess’s website. Ripley Reed was the most popular messy boy of them all and fans gushed about his scenes. They loved him, and Taylor didn’t blame them.

The last two nights had involved dreams starring Rip and he usually woke up with wet underwear. Luckily, Isaac hadn’t been to the dorm those nights, which left Taylor less to be embarrassed about. He assumed his roommate was getting laid. At least one of them was getting fucked while the other stayed in the dorm, stuck with messy underwear.

Taylor groaned. He was twenty-one years old. He shouldn’t have to worry about wet dreams. Hell, he’d jerked off enough that he hadn’t needed to worry about those sorts of dreams in years. But Ripley had changed that for him and he hated it.

For the last hour, they’d been watching the damn football game, but Taylor couldn’t tell who was winning, let alone who had the ball. He was too focused on glancing at the other man from the corner of his eyes, trying but failing to understand him.

When Rip glanced back at him, Taylor shifted his eyes to the television, avoiding the other man’s gaze, but he didn’t miss the smirk on Rip’s face either. Damn it. He was obvious, too obvious.

The door to Rip’s apartment opened and Tate ducked his head in. His gaze narrowed on them suspiciously. “We’re ready for your scene.”

Rip rose from the low couch with grace. “Let’s do this then.”

“Who won the game?” Tate asked, glancing between the two of them as Taylor rose as well.

“No idea. I was too busy staring at the sexy guy beside me.” Rip sent Taylor a wink as he strode past Tate and down the stairs. It left Taylor standing there with his mouth parted. Did he really hear that?

Tate’s eyebrows rose, but he didn’t say anything. He gestured Taylor to follow him and they both exited the apartment. Even though he was following Tate, his mind was stuck on Rip and what he’d said. He hadn’t been staring at Taylor, had he? He couldn’t have been because Taylor had done a lot more staring than Rip. Fuck. He didn’t know anymore. The man was an enigma.

Tate led him to a makeup chair and a lovely makeup artist worked on his face. It wasn’t anything dramatic, just a touch of foundation to hide some of his small flaws, she said. Taylor didn’t mind. It felt weird to have makeup applied, but he didn’t protest. He was getting paid a handsome sum for this after all.

Tate collected him after the artist had finished and led him toward the stage. Georgey was waiting by one of the cameras and he nodded his greeting as soon as he saw Taylor. He couldn’t see Rip anywhere yet, but Taylor tried to avoid thoughts of the sexy man. They were co-workers, that was it. He shouldn’t get involved with a man that made out with others as a job.

Georgey gestured to a bowl of fruit. “You’ll be working with some basics today. A banana to begin with, to insinuate phallic sucking. We try to start easy with virgins.”

Taylor’s cheeks heated. “I’m not a virgin,” he protested.

Georgey snorted. “You’re a virgin on Dirty Mess.”

“Oh.” Taylor ran a hand over his jaw and laughed. “Right. Sorry.”

Tate patted him on the back. “It’s fine, Taylor. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. We want you to be comfortable.”

“I’ve been thinking about that.” Rip strode toward them and Taylor couldn’t help but stare. Tight, leather pants encased his thick thighs and bulging crotch, leaving nothing to the imagination. It was clear he had no underwear beneath them. He was shirtless too, his abs oiled up and glinting beneath the stage lights. He really was a God.

“Thinking about what?” Tate crossed his arms, his lips pursed, as though he knew he wasn’t going to like what Rip was thinking. Taylor, on the other hand, wanted to know.

Rip held out his arms, a smirk playing on his lips. “Let’s switch it up a little. Do something new.”

Georgey tapped his lips with his finger. “Like what?”

Rip’s confidence enveloped him like a blazing fire and it was almost as if others were the moths to his flame. They couldn’t help but watch him, devour him with their eyes.

“Let’s have a Dirty Mess couple. Acting, of course, but the audience doesn’t need to know that. He said he’s not a virgin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend he is. The story is that he came to us for a job and I fell in love with him. Love at first sight.” Rip’s eyes shifted to him and Taylor couldn’t breathe. He felt like he was being consumed by the flame like everyone else. “Ripley Reed falls in love, so much so that he refuses to do scenes with anyone but his new boyfriend. Are you sticking with your real name, Taylor?”

“I…” Taylor had a stage name thought out. He had a story thought out for his stage name, but that was thrown out the window the moment he met Rip. “Yes. My real name.”

“No.” Tate shook his head. “It’s too dangerous to stick with your real name. You can be Taylor, but you’ll need a fake surname at least.”

“You’re right, little cousin. We need something sharp, yet witty. Something to catch their attention. Ah, what about Dunn? Taylor Dunn sounds like an easy name to remember.”

“Dunn? As in your first crush in high school, Samuel Dunn?” Tate groaned.

Taylor shrugged. It wasn’t so bad, he supposed. “I like it.”

“There it is then. Ripley Reed falls in love with Taylor Dunn, and from now on, they only have scenes with each other.” Ripley grinned.

Tate grunted. “Are you crazy, Rip? Audiences love seeing you with different men. You’re the favourite and we can’t expect Taylor to only film with you, and vice versa.”

Georgey hummed. “Actually, I like the idea.”

Tate’s wide eyes spun toward the director. “You can’t be serious, Georgey.”

“It’s smart. Audiences love romance. They love seeing two hot men together. What’s better than having two of these hot men fall in love? It’s a perfect story.” Georgey beamed at Rip. “It’s an erotic, love story that will enrapture the audience.”

“And the perfect storyline to win you that award, Georgey.” Rip stared pointedly at him.

“You’re right. They will eat it up.” He clapped his hands together. “It’s decided then. A romance storyline between Rip and Taylor.”

Tate held up his hands. “Hang on a damn second. Taylor never agreed to this.”

Rip’s deep gaze turned on Taylor and he cocked his head toward him. “What do you say, Taylor? Want to pretend to be my boyfriend on screen?”

Taylor swallowed around his dry throat. It wasn’t the original plan. He was supposed to film with different men, earn some money for himself, not become an actor in an erotic storyline, but he liked the sound of it. He wouldn’t have to pretend with different men, just one, and it wasn’t exactly a hardship when it came to Rip. He was hot and confident.

He nodded. “Let’s do this.”

Tate’s lips pressed together in displeasure. He pointed at Rip. “If we lose audiences, I will kick your ass, Ripley.”

Rip grinned smugly. “We won’t. We’ll gain them.”

Georgey nodded. “People love a good romance story.”

Tate groaned. “I hope you’re right.”

Rip shrugged. “Trust me, little cousin.” He strode over to the fruit bowl and grabbed the banana. “Are you going to tease me with this, Taylor?” He slapped the fruit against his stubbled jaw, as though it was a real cock and not just a banana.

Taylor flushed, but Georgey answered for him. “Yes. Taylor’s going to work the banana like the phallic object it is. We’ll have you lying on the bed like this…”

Taylor tried to ignore Rip’s distracting presence and focused on what Georgey was saying. If he wanted to be good at this, to keep making money, he needed to listen to the director’s instructions.


Taylor laid on the bed, his bare back against the soft mattress. He only wore tighty-whities, with emphasis on the tight part. They encased his cock snuggly, leaving nothing to the imagination. The outline of his cock was visible for the camera and crew, but he did a good job of ignoring his nakedness with the reminder of the money in his bank account.

He arched his back, his upper body stretching in what he hoped was an erotic way. He ran his hand down his chest and stomach, but stopped inches away from the waistband of his underwear, his fingers caressing the skin there. It tickled, and a smile spread over his lips as he played with his own body. As the camera rolled closer to capture the emotions on his face, he slipped his eyes closed. If he couldn’t see it, it wasn’t there, but that thought didn’t seem to work.

“Cut!” Georgey huffed. “You’re too tense, Taylor. Anyone would think you’re about to be executed.”

Taylor’s eyes flew open and he blushed. He sat up on the bed, unconsciously cupping his crotch to hide it from the camera. “Sorry.”

“You need to relax.” Georgey ripped himself from his chair and stormed toward him. “I get that you’re a newbie, but this isn’t erotic. What’s your problem?”

Rip slipped from his own chair and maneuvered himself to the director’s side. “Georgey, give him a break. It’s his first scene.”

“I know.” Georgey glared at him. “But I need to know what the problem is so I can fix it.”

Taylor cleared his throat to gain their attention. He glanced at the camera, which still hovered close to his face. “I’m not…comfortable around cameras. Usually.”

Georgey’s wide eyes glanced from Rip to Taylor. “Please tell me you’re joking. You do realize what job you applied for, right?”

“Georgey.” Rip’s tone dropped in warning and he held up a hand toward the older man. He strode toward Taylor, pushed the camera backward and fell onto the bed beside him.

Taylor tensed for a moment, but relaxed as soon as Rip’s scent reached his nose. Rip smelled good. The other man didn’t reach for him, rather just fell back onto the bed and sighed.

“This is the most comfortable bed on the lot. Cost a fortune.”

“Really?” Taylor focused his attention on the man beside him. He tentatively laid beside Rip and stared up at the set’s lack of a ceiling. They didn’t need one because they never filmed it. From this position, they saw the warehouse’s ceiling, but it was very high up.

“Why don’t you like cameras?” It was whispered, as though Rip was trying to have a private conversation.

The crew must have understood because they flittered around the cameras to reset the scene.

Taylor sighed. “I don’t know. I just never liked being in the spotlight, I suppose.”

Rip shifted so he was lying on his side. He was so handsome, with his straight nose and perfect jawline, and Taylor just stared.

“So how do you act on stage then?”

He shrugged softly. “I’m not me on the stage. I’m someone different.”

“So be someone different here. Still be Taylor Burnham, but be a different Taylor. Be the one who’s confident.” Rip reached out, pausing before his fingers could touch Taylor’s arm. He raised an eyebrow, as though he was waiting for permission. Taylor nodded, and Rip ran his fingers over his arm. “Be the one who has a boyfriend called Rip. Be the Taylor who fell in love with Rip the moment his eyes laid on him. Be the Taylor who’s so in love with his boyfriend that he can’t do a scene with anyone else but Rip.”

Taylor’s gaze followed Rip’s fingers on his arm and he licked his lips. Just from one touch, his cock twitched in his underwear. It felt so good, like sparks of electricity flying through his body and straight to his balls. “Is that what you do? Pretend to be a different Rip?”

Rip smirked at him and leaned closer. Taylor thought he was going to kiss him, but his lips hovered just above Taylor’s. “Yes. I’m not usually this cocky.” Then he pulled away again, but kept his touch on Taylor’s arm. “When you’re this Taylor, pretend that camera is an audience for a stage play. Pretend you’re on a stage, not in front of a camera.”

It was a reasonable idea. He nodded slowly. “I can do that.”

Rip smiled and as he leaned down and this time his lips did touch Taylor’s. It was a soft kiss, a caress, and not nearly passionate enough for the camera. “So our first kiss isn’t on camera,” Rip remarked. His smirk slipped on his face again as he slid out of the bed. “We’re going to try this again.” He said this to Georgey and the crew, and the director nodded.

Taylor sighed. I can do this, he told himself as he shifted on the bed to his starting position. He definitely had this.


Chapter Five

Rip’s advice worked. Taylor was more comfortable around the camera, if not still a little shy. It took three takes of Taylor writhing on the bed like a sex kitten before Georgey was satisfied and it drove Rip crazy. All he wanted to do was lay himself over Taylor and fuck him right there on that bed, cameras and crew members be damned. His shyness was addicting, but that could have been because Rip’s body liked everything about Taylor. Every movement had his skin tingling and his blood running hot.

It took effort not to jump out of his chair and have his way with Taylor. If Georgey noticed him gripping his chair’s arms tightly, the director didn’t say anything.

Now it was Rip’s turn to join Taylor and he wasn’t sure if he could handle it. He briefly feared he’d come in his leather pants within minutes of being near Taylor.

“Do both of you know what you have to do?” Georgey asked, eyeing Rip a little longer.

Taylor nodded. “Yes, thank you.”

So polite. Rip smirked, slipping into the confident Rip persona he had perfected, and held out his arms. “We’ve got this, Georgey.”

Georgey snorted, but waved a hand at him. He grabbed the banana and handed it to Taylor.

Taylor stared at it as though it would bite him, and Rip laughed. “You bite him, not the other way around.”

Taylor’s gaze rose and he broke out into an amused smile. His cheeks reddened. “I’ll show him who’s boss.”

He winked. “You do that.”

“Alright, let’s set the scene, boys.”

They shifted to their starting positions and the camera zeroed in on Taylor.


Taylor stared at the fruit like it really was a cock and Rip’s own dick took notice as Taylor peeled it, his fingers running over the surface of the food tentatively. Rip’s eyes zeroed in on the long digits, wondering what they’d feel like wrapped around his cock. They were long and thin, yet he knew they were warm, and the thought made his cock twitch harder. His erection didn’t have much room to move in his pants, but it made a valiant effort.

The moment the banana slid home into Taylor’s mouth, a slip of a groan left Rip’s own lips and Taylor’s eyes jerked up toward him. The blond stared at him, his eyes darkened with desire, as he made an exaggerated groan around the banana.

Rip moved. It wasn’t part of the script, but he didn’t care. He forgot about the cameras, about Georgey, and moved on instinct. He wrapped his fingers around Taylor’s wrist and tugged, the banana popping from his mouth. Taylor watched him carefully as he guided his wrist up and brought the fruit to his own lips. His tongue ran along the length, his gazed glued to Taylor’s.

The world around them didn’t exist. There was just the two of them right then and there. He broke the tip of the banana off and held out against Taylor’s lips. Like a good boy, Taylor opened his mouth, and Rip popped it between his lips.

Taylor’s lips wrapped around his fingers before Rip could pull them back and he sucked around them, moaning. Rip couldn’t look away and his cock struggled even harder in his pants. It was the first time he was disappointed Dirty Mess wasn’t a porn company.

The other man worked his fingers like a professional, his tongue lathing them like they were his cock instead and when Rip finally tugged them out, Taylor’s tongue followed, darting out for one last taste before they moved too far away. But it didn’t matter because Rip jerked forward, his lips crashing against Taylor’s.

He threw the banana on the ground and cupped Taylor’s jaw and Taylor gripped his hips as they kissed passionately, devouring each other’s mouths with enough heat to light a bushfire. Taylor tasted like the banana, but he also had a unique taste that Rip craved more of, and he couldn’t get enough of it.

Taylor’s hands grabbed the globes of his ass and dragged him closer, causing their erections to crush against each other. They both groaned into each other’s mouths and Rip couldn’t handle it anymore. He needed more. More touch, more kisses, more everything of Taylor.

He clasped Taylor’s thighs and lifted him. It didn’t take much effort to throw him onto the bed and Taylor gasped in surprise. Rip didn’t give him much time to react before he was on top of him within a quick moment and had their lips attached again. He settled between Taylor’s thighs and moaned when the other man wrapped his long legs around his waist, digging his heels into his ass.

Their kisses were electric, addicting, and Rip didn’t want to give them up. He wanted more. Nothing could stop him from getting more.


It was a distant call that filtered through his foggy mind, and it took him a couple more seconds before he remembered he and Taylor were on set and they were shooting a scene.

It took a drastic amount of self-control for him to pull off Taylor and even more when he saw the flushed face of the man beneath him. He was beautiful, a raw attractiveness that Rip had never seen in another person.

Pulling away was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do and he sat on the edge of the bed to catch his breath. It took him a second to realize Georgey had scampered toward him in excitement, clapping his hands.

“That was perfect. So perfect. A passionate scene between boyfriends.”

Rip tried to smirk, he did, but it felt half-assed. He glanced back at Taylor, who seemed to finally gather himself enough to sit up on the bed. His cheeks were flushed, his lips red from being consumed by Rip, and his hair was a mess. But he was so fucking gorgeous that Rip had to tear his stare away lest he wanted to devour him again.

“Why’d you cut it then?” Rip asked, trying but failing not to sound annoyed.

Georgey raised an eyebrow.  “You’re lucky your cousin wasn’t here to see that,” he whispered for Rip’s ears only.

Rip glared at him and rose from the bed. He made a show of readjusting his erection in his leather pants, mostly as a way of saying fuck off to Georgey.

Georgey did nothing but roll his eyes. He looked at Taylor. “You did a good job, Taylor. I’m impressed with your acting.”

Taylor exhaled loudly. He nodded. “Thanks.”

“In the next scene, I want the two of you to be in the exact same position, but I want some dialogue. I want Taylor to play up the virgin status. Maybe press his hand against Rip’s chest, like this.” Georgey pressed his hand against Rip’s pectoral muscle while staring intently at Taylor. “and tell Rip to slow it down. Tell him that you’re not ready yet.” He grinned triumphally. “But I also still want you to look at Rip like you desire him. Like you’re very close to giving up your virginity to him.”

Taylor’s tongue swiped at his bottom lip and he bowed his head in acknowledgement. He didn’t look like he’d recovered from the scene and Rip didn’t blame him. He was in the same position. He’d never felt as much passion and need as he had while he was kissing Taylor. There was something there and it terrified the hell out of him, but also excited him. He wanted to discover more about Taylor.

“Let’s set the scene!” Georgey clapped his hands together and scurried off again.

Rip shifted closer to Taylor, but didn’t dare touch him. “Are you okay?” He asked quietly.

Taylor sent him a lopsided grin. “Sure.”

It didn’t sound convincing, but Rip left it alone. They stayed in silence until Georgey asked them to get into position. Rip took a deep breath, readying himself for another crash of emotions. They came as soon as he laid on top of Taylor again. Taylor stared at him needily and the deepness of his desire drove an arrow of hunger through his own body. He craved Taylor like an addict craved another hit.

They played the scene like Georgey wanted, and when character Taylor asked him to slow it down, it took all his effort to back off like character Rip was supposed to. They ended the scene with Rip sitting between Taylor’s legs. He wrapped his hand around one of the long legs and raised it so he could lay a series of soft kisses on Taylor’s ankle. Taylor watched him, his dark eyes demanding more. More of something Rip couldn’t give him, not right then and there.

“Cut! Perfect!” Georgey clapped in excitement. “That’s award-winning material right there!” The director went around to the crew, slapping them on the back, shaking their hand, or talking excitedly to them.

Rip forced himself to grin as he gently laid Taylor’s leg back on the mattress. He patted his ankle and rose from the bed. “You’ll be a popular model,” he murmured to Taylor.

Taylor swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. He smiled as he sat up. “When should I come back for another scene?”

“That’d be a question for Tate. Probably soon though, because once we have the audience enraptured with our fake relationship, they’ll want more and quickly.” Talking about business made him feel like phony, as though what they did hadn’t meant anything. He hated feeling like that, especially after the passion and need he felt while he was pressed against Taylor.

Taylor ran his hands over his thighs and nodded. He slipped out of the bed and held out his hand toward Rip.

Rip frowned at it, but shook it anyway.

“It was a pleasure doing a scene with you. Until next time.” Taylor’s lips twisted in a smile, but it looked as fake as Rip felt at that moment.

Taylor strode past him and spoke briefly to Georgey. The director grabbed his shoulders and laughed, squeezing them. Rip watched them, familiar with his friend’s excitement. When Georgey was enthusiastic about something, he didn’t notice anything else. So he never saw the tenseness in Taylor’s shoulders, even if the other man laughed along with the director and nodded as he pointed toward the dressing room.

Rip watched Taylor until he disappeared, then he sighed. What a fucking mess.


I hope you enjoyed! Chapter Six will be posted on Tuesday! 😀

Disclaimer: No part of this blog story may be copied or used in any way without my permission. This work is copyrighted to Meg Bawden. Photos are purchased from DepositPhotos. They may not be saved from this blog and used elsewhere, as it is illegal. Cover created by Cover Couture. Thank you.

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