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I literally have no excuse for my lapse in posting other than time has escaped me. I’ve recently begun an internship with a psychologist (yay!), but that means I’ve had far too much on mind to keep up with what’s happening in other places (like my blog!). But, I will fix this, I promise! Regular postings will begin again on Monday. Until then, have Chapter Six and Seven of Dirty Mess!

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Dirty Mess


Chapter Six

Taylor stared at his phone. Two grand. That’s how much he was paid for his first scene with Dirty Mess, and even though it was more than he could have ever expected, it made him feel dirty in other ways than Dirty Mess was supposed to make him feel. Maybe it was because of how he felt during the scene. He’d forgotten all about the cameras and fell into Rip’s void. It was a trap he couldn’t escape from and he wanted more. He probably would have had sex with Rip right there on that bed if Georgey hadn’t cut the scene.

He groaned, dropping head into his hands. How stupid was he? Rip was acting and he should have been as well. But he wasn’t. None of that passion or desire was acting. And either Rip was an Oscar nominated actor or his need wasn’t acting either.

It was confusing, and he hated it. He knew he should quit, but he couldn’t bring himself to. Not when the company relied on him now. They’d released his scene yesterday and he’d already received thousands of messages in the new Twitter account he’d made for his new character. Some were nasty, calling him a whore for dating Rip. Clearly, they had their own obsessions about the model and he didn’t blame them. But most were positive, congratulating him on his new relationship and asking questions. Then there were the vast amount expressing how hot he was and how they’d like to buy him things. One guy even offered to be his sugar daddy and left a picture of his cock. It was a monster dick.

The picture had him staring at it wide eyed.

“What’s got you looking like that, bro?” Isaac fell onto the bed beside him and narrowed his eyes on his screen. He laughed. “Ah, finally got one of those offers, did you?”

“Do you always get offers like this?” Taylor asked. He was tempted to close the picture, but he couldn’t drag his eyes away from it. He’d never seen a cock that size in his life.

“Always. It’s not uncommon.” Isaac shrugged. He reached over and zoomed in on the cock picture. “Eh, I’m surprised. This hasn’t been photoshopped. It’s real.”

“Oh my god. Can you imagine that cock fucking you?” Taylor grimaced. He liked cock as much as the next gay or bi guy, but not one that looked like it could split him in half.

“I could.” Isaac waggled his eyebrows.

“Ugh.” Taylor rolled his eyes and exited the message. He added a short, kind tweet on his Twitter before shutting it down.

“It’s normal to get all sorts of messages, bro. But you’ll get more than a normal newbie. Especially if the guys and girls watching the videos love that you’re dating Rip. It is a fake relationship, right?”

Taylor nodded. “Just something different to attract the audiences. But I’ll only be doing scenes with Rip, and vice versa.”

Isaac’s lips parted in shock. “Really? That’s new.”

He shrugged. “Yeah, it’s new. Rip says it’s changing things up and we’ll get more subscribers.”

His roommate snorted. “He said that, did he?”

“What?” Taylor frowned at him. He was confused enough without trying to figure out other people’s reactions. Ever since he visited Dirty Mess for his first scene, he’d be getting a lot of confusing reactions out of people in the company.

“Nothing.” Isaac went to stand, but Taylor grabbed his arm and dragged him to sit down on his bed again.

“No. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

Isaac rested his elbows on his knees and leaned forward. He glanced back at Taylor with a frown.  “Ripley has never felt the need to change things up. He’s innovated, sure, but he’s been adamant about Dirty Mess being erotic scenes between different guys each time. But then you come along and he’s changing things up? Adding a fake relationship? And Rip likes guys, Taylor. Apparently a few have tried hooking up with him, but he’s not interested in fucking models from Dirty Mess.”

“We’re not fucking,” Taylor protested.

“No, you’re not. I believe you. But I’ve also seen your scene with him. You guys weren’t fucking, but your eyes sure were. Like I said, he loves guys. He films scenes with all the guys because he loves getting a taste of everyone. But you…he’s different around. He clearly doesn’t want to share you with anyone else.”

Taylor laughed. “Don’t be stupid. I told you, he’s changing it up. I’m not filming with anyone else because we’re acting like boyfriends who only want to film with each other.”

Isaac rolled his eyes. “You wanted to know what I was thinking, so I told you.” He patted Taylor on the knee. “Stay safe, bro.”

Taylor watched his roommate leave their dorm room. The conversation did nothing but make him more confused. Maybe Isaac was right to an extent. It wasn’t like he could deny that Rip was as hard as he was. Maybe Rip wanted to fuck him.

His phone’s loud ringtone broke him from his thoughts and he grabbed his phone, answering it. “Hello?”

“Hey Taylor, it’s Tate.”

“Tate. Hi.” Taylor licked his lips and ran a palm over his jeans. “What’s up?”

“Actually, I wanted to tell you that our subscribers list has blown up. We’ve had more than a forty percent rise in subscribers since your scene.” The excitement in Tate’s voice made Taylor smile. He sounded so adorable when he was excited.

“That’s brilliant!”

“And they are demanding another scene between you and Rip. What do you say? Are you available tomorrow?”

Taylor knew for a fact that he had no classes scheduled tomorrow, but he still hesitated. He could quit right now, he could choose not risk his heart on a man that had enraptured him, because that’s what it came down to. Rip was an enigma that intrigued Taylor and he couldn’t get enough. It was dangerous and could ruin his whole life. “Yes, I’m available all day.” But he found that he was more than willing to take that risk.

“Great! We have a perfect idea for a scene. Can you get here at ten? We’ll go through the scene with you and Rip and we’ll start filming in the afternoon. You’ll get a pay rise and you’ll be paid more than your first scene because you’ve brought in so many new subscribers.”

Taylor ran a hand over his face. He should have said no. He should have walked away. “Yes, I’ll be there at ten.”


He hadn’t seen Rip yet. Tate met him at the door again and led him to his office. Georgey and the other director, Hayden, were already in the room. They were discussing the scene passionately, but as soon as Georgey saw Taylor, he lit up. The grin on his face was big enough to stretch over his entire face.

“Taylor, my favorite model!” He strode over to Taylor and brought him into a bear hug.

Hayden rolled his eyes behind Georgey’s back. “He usually hates newbies,” he said to Taylor with an amused grin.

Taylor chuckled as the director finally let him go.

“Forty percent, Taylor! Forty!”

“That’s an amazing rise in subscribers,” Taylor admitted.

“Like I said before, everyone loves a romance story between two hot men.” Georgey laughed and shot a triumphed grin toward Hayden, who rolled his eyes. “Hayden said it wouldn’t work.”

“I said that there is a chance that the audience will not go for Rip being in a relationship.” Hayden shrugged at Taylor. “I was wrong.”

“And that’s hard for him to admit.” Tate smiled at Hayden. It was a tender smile, almost loving, and Taylor glanced between the two of them. He wondered if something was happening there. It sure seemed like it.

Hayden cleared his throat. “Rip should be here soon.”

As though he heard him, the door opened and Rip slipped into the room with a smirk on his face. “Miss me?”

Tate rolled his eyes. “So you finally got my message? Where have you been?”

Rip shrugged. “I had a drink.”

“And by drink he means he hooked up,” Hayden grumbled, sending Taylor an apologetic grimace, as though he would care what Rip was doing. Which he did, when he really shouldn’t have. The jealousy crept up on him so quietly that he wasn’t aware of it until his fingernails dug into the palms of his hands. He let out a long, quiet exhale and released his fists. He had no right to be jealous. Rip could fuck who he wanted to.

Rip’s only response was to raise a brow at Hayden.

“I sure hope not,” Georgey snapped. “We need to keep up appearances and that means you can’t go fucking random guys, Ripley.”

Rip shrugged. “The guys I fuck don’t know who I am.”

“Oh. I didn’t know we could fuck other guys,” Taylor cut in before Georgey could respond. Rip’s gaze snapped toward him. “I wish I knew that. I wouldn’t have turned down a hook up last night.”

It was a lie, and he expected it to sound forced, even bitter, but it left his mouth so easily, that if he hadn’t known the truth, he would have believed it himself.

Rip’s smirk slipped off his face. “You can’t.”

“Excuse me?” Taylor focused his attention on Rip and crossed his arms. “If you’re allowed to hook up, why can’t I?”

Rip glanced at the other men in the room, but they seemed just as curious as Taylor. They stared at Rip intently, waiting for an answer. “I’m a professional at this. I know when someone doesn’t recognize me.”

Taylor rolled his eyes and he bit the inside of his mouth to stop himself from calling Rip out on his bullshit. Instead, he watched at the other man with boredom. “I can recognize that to. And now that I think about it, it doesn’t say I can’t sleep with other men in my contract.”

“Legally, we can’t ask that of you,” Tate pointed out, ignoring Rip’s glare.

“Okay, enough.” Rip sighed. “I didn’t have a hook up, okay? I had a beer. And I think that while it’s not in the contract, we should both stay celibate. For the company, of course.”

“Of course,” Tate agreed, but he smiled smugly at Rip.

“Fine, I agree.” Taylor shrugged. If only to stop Rip from sleeping with other men. Even if they hadn’t fucked, he felt a certain possessiveness over Rip. A need to be the only man Rip kissed from then on. Which was stupid because they’d had one scene together. Sure, it was a passionate, desire-driven scene that had left him breathless and needy, but one scene none the less.

“What’s this new scene you’ve thought out?” Rip asked.

They all took a seat, with Rip sitting beside Taylor once he chose his own seat. Rip’s arm was close to Taylor’s and he felt the heat radiating off the handsome man beside him. He made the hairs on his arm stand up, as though they were reaching out for Rip.

Georgey crossed his legs and hummed. “We want to build up your scenes. As we’ve expressed before, Taylor is playing a virgin who’s not ready for sex. But he’s so very in love with Rip. We don’t want to portray Rip as insensitive. So he’s not going to pressure Taylor with sex, but they’ll have an agreement. Kissing and rubbing is welcomed, even encouraged by Taylor.”

They spoke about them as though they weren’t sitting in front of them, like they really were two characters that the directors had created. It felt weird, but Taylor didn’t mind. If he played his character, he could ignore the cameras and crew who watched his every movement in a scene.

Hayden nodded. “This time, we want to add chocolate dipping sauce and strawberries. Very romantic and erotic, but we want to add a spin to it. Rip wants Taylor to be comfortable, so Rip’s going to lie on the bed, tied up with rope, while Taylor licks chocolate off him. Rip has purposely chosen to give up control for his virgin boyfriend.”

After Hayden finished speaking, the room fell into silence. The description of the scene alone had Taylor’s nerves buzzing and his skin heating up. He could already imagine running his tongue along Rip’s body, enjoying the mixture of tastes on his tongue. Chocolate and Rip, a perfect combination.

Taylor glanced at Rip, wondering what he was thinking.

Rip was tapping his chin with a finger, before he grinned. “I like it. What about you?”

Taylor licked his lips and he noticed Rip’s gaze follow the movement of his tongue. “I really like the idea.”

Georgey clapped his hands together, breaking the trance Taylor was in. “Brilliant! We want to keep this as natural as possible. To do that, Hayden and I have agreed to do a one-take shot.”

“No scene breaks?” Rip raised an eyebrow.

“Nope. It’s up to you and Taylor to make it happen.” Hayden winked at Taylor.

“I like that idea even more.” Rip grinned and patted Taylor on the thigh. “We’ve got this, don’t we? The audiences will lap us up.”

Taylor nodded, not trusting himself to speak, not when Rip had stopped patting his thigh and left his hand there. It felt heavy and he almost imagined he felt the heat through the material of his jeans.

“Good. Then let’s get straight into it. Why don’t you two head to the dressing rooms? I want you both in your underwear for this one.” Georgey ushered them out of the office.

Taylor followed Rip down the hallway, but as soon as they made clear of it, Rip paused and turned toward him. “We’re celebrating the rise in subscribers tonight. Most of the Messy Boys are coming. It’s only fair you should as well seeing as you’re one of the reasons we’ve had the rise.”

“Where are you drinking?”

“At a bar a couple of streets away from here. You are old enough to drink, right?” Rip smirked at him.

Taylor snorted. “Yes, I am.” Just, but he wasn’t going to mention that.

“Good. We’ll head out after our scene. The boys are meeting us there at six.” Rip began to walk again, but stopped and raised his hand toward Taylor. “We don’t want too many people to know that this relationship is fake, alright? So maybe not tell the boys.”

Taylor frowned.

“Who’ve you told?”


Rip hummed. “Not bad. He’s not much of a talker.”

“I’ll tell him not to discuss it with anyone else.”

Rip gripped his shoulder and squeezed. “Good idea.”

Taylor didn’t know what motivated him to raise his hand and lay it over Rip’s, but it shocked the both of them. Rip glanced from their hands to Taylor’s eyes. He leaned in and Taylor slipped his eyes closed, waiting. The kiss never came, but he felt Rip’s hot breath against his lips.

“This scene will gain us even more subscribers.”

Taylor’s eyes flashed open. Rip was close to him and their lips were inches apart. All he needed to do was tilt his head just a little and they’d be kissing. He should have moved away, but instead Taylor thought to hell with it and kissed Rip. It was a short, hard kiss that left them both breathless when Taylor ripped away. Taylor sent him an uncharacteristic wink and strode past him toward the dressing room. That would teach Rip a lesson about always teasing, always being so close but never finishing what he started.

One of the crewmembers handed him a small pair of underwear, that looked even tighter than the tighty-whities he wore in the first scene. When he raised his brows at her, she shrugged and grinned before she left him to get dressed.

He sighed and took off his clothes. When he stood naked, he stared into the mirror. He was naturally thin, but years of cycling as a teenager left him with small, defined muscles. He’d always had long legs and found they helped with his cycling until a shattered kneecap from a fall made him choose to quit it. It was one part of his body that all his exes loved about him and he never understood why.

It wasn’t that he was self-conscious enough to admit that he was good looking. He knew he wasn’t ugly, but when he compared himself to a God like Ripley Reed, he was average. He didn’t have big rippling muscles that left men and women’s mouths watering. He didn’t have the sharp jawline or thick thighs. He didn’t have the hard ass he’d felt beneath the heels of his feet when he pressed Rip closer during their first scene. But even if he thought he wasn’t up to Rip’s standards, he wasn’t stupid enough to admit that there was something there. Rip was as interested as he was.

He exhaled, watching his chest rise and fall in the mirror. Taylor grabbed the underwear and slipped them on. They were as tight as he thought they would be. They traced the curves of his ass, but didn’t cover it fully, with the bottom of his globes sticking out beneath the material. He assumed that’s how they were supposed to look though.

He ran his palms over his ass, feeling the soft material beneath his fingers. A thought about female underwear flashed through his mind and he raised his eyebrows at his own audacity. Yet he still stored it away to mention it to Rip or Georgey later. It’d definitely add another element to the scenes.

He exited the dressing room and took a deep breath, walking across the floor with as much confidence as he could, which wasn’t as much as Rip it seemed. Rip’s underwear were just as tight as his, but they covered his ass completely. He stood beside Georgey, his hands on his hips as he bent forward slightly, staring at one of the cameras.

It made Taylor pause in appreciation. Rip’s ass was beautiful, handcrafted by whoever created perfect human beings. Solid, rounded globes that connected to thick, muscled thighs that Taylor wanted to bite into.

“You’re not as nervous.” Tate’s voice startled him. The boss sidled up beside him and grinned. He nodded toward Taylor’s underwear. “It suits you.” Taylor flushed, which caused Tate to laugh. “Never mind. You’re still a blusher.”

“I wasn’t…I’m not…”

“It’s fine, Taylor.” Tate chuckled. “But it’s the truth. Since your first scene, you’re not as nervous. Georgey told me Rip gave you some advice about the camera.”

“Yeah, he did.” Taylor glanced back at Rip. He was still staring at the camera, but he wiggled his ass slightly and when he glanced at Taylor with a smirk, Taylor realized the wiggle was for him.

He flushed harder. It was one thing to kiss Rip without anyone else around, but when they had an audience that Taylor was aware of, it was completely different.

Tate hummed. “My cousin can be cocky at times.”

In more ways than one, Taylor thought as Rip turned toward them, his cock snuggled in the material of the underwear. It encased him perfectly, leaving the line of his cock and balls visible for Taylor’s eyes to feast on. Fuckity fuck. He ripped his gaze away.

Tate shook his head, with a soft chuckle. “I don’t think I have your attention at the moment.”

“I’m sorry,” Taylor said urgently, willing the blush to disappear. “We’re getting into character.”

“Taylor,” Tate smirked at this point, “my cousin is getting into something, but it’s not character.” He patted Taylor on the shoulder, which Taylor noticed was a thing around here. “Good luck with Ripley. You’re going to need it.”

Taylor wanted to ask him what he was talking about, but Tate had already left. He frowned at his retreating back.

“He usually sticks around for scenes, but not mine. He doesn’t want to see his cousin in an erotic position.” Rip’s deep brogue sent a ripple of desire down his spine. He resisted the shiver that wanted to escape.

He turned toward Rip and cocked his head. “I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to see my cousins in that position either.”

“Do you have many cousins?” He sounded genuinely interested, but alarm bells sounded in Taylor’s head. He shouldn’t talk about his personal life. He should just leave it where it belongs, at home, but he couldn’t bring himself to ignore the question. He couldn’t ignore anything Rip asked.

“A couple. My mom has—had—a brother.” He wasn’t sure what was the correct thing to say anymore. She was gone. Did that make it has or had? “His kids are around my age.”

Rip’s eyes narrowed, and Taylor held his breath. He waited for Rip to ask about his mom, or about his slip up, but he didn’t ask that. “Do you talk to any of them?”

Taylor frowned. He hadn’t thought about his cousins in a long time. He hadn’t seen Peter or Josh since his mom’s funeral. Now he thought about it, his Uncle Edgar hadn’t contacted him since then either. He remembered being angry that he hadn’t heard from them right after the funeral, but after a while, he forgot about them. The only one in his life since his mom’s death was his dad. Now he didn’t have him either.

“We were. I haven’t heard from them in a long time, though.” Taylor shrugged it off, trying to act like it didn’t bother him. But the reminder of his only other family had his stomach clenching in pain. He missed them. He missed having a family.

Rip didn’t apologize like Taylor expected him too, but he did curl his arm around Taylor’s shoulders and dragged him into a half hug. It wasn’t awkward, mostly because it wasn’t a full hug, but it was enough of one that Taylor could appreciate the comforting touch.

“Boys, are you ready?” Georgey’s gaze narrowed on them.

Rip smirked. “We were born ready.”

Chapter Seven

Rip was not ready for this. The first scene with Taylor left him emotionally wrecked. He’d never masturbated so hard in his life that night. He jerked his cock until it was red and raw and even then, it still valiantly stood, begging for more. That scene had given his sperm bank lots of images and he didn’t know if he could handle more. He needed to dominate Taylor, to get inside of him and mark him. He needed his name to be the only one of Taylor’s lips.

He went out drinking the night before hoping to forget about the gorgeous man for one night, but he rejected every guy who came up to him and focused on drinking instead. He got smashed and the bartender had to call him a taxi.

Today was different. He’d learned something about Taylor, the real Taylor, and he couldn’t get the sadness in his voice out of his head. The genuineness loneliness drifting off the other man left its mark on him. He wanted to comfort Taylor, to give him the company he needed.

This scene was enough of a distraction though. His wrists and ankles were tied to the bed and Taylor sat on his hips. His ass pressed against Rip’s cock and it felt right, like Taylor belonged there from the start. They were drawn into the scene, forgetting once again that cameras and crewmembers watched them. Taylor had his head thrown back, his hands pressed against Rip’s chest as he shifted his ass, rubbing it over Rip’s crotch. This was the closest Dirty Mess had come to being porn and Rip didn’t give a damn. He wanted more, needed more.

He thrust his hips up, his hard cock nudging the crease of Taylor’s ass through their underwear. This wasn’t the two characters they’d built, this was them, even if they were the only ones who realized it.

Taylor opened his eyes and stared down at him. He smiled and it was tender and needy. The softness clenched at Rip’s heart.

“I want to do something with you,” Taylor murmured.

“Do it,” Rip replied, the rawness in his voice surprising himself. He sounded deprived of something that only Taylor could give him.

Taylor licked his lips and leaned over to the cabinet beside the bed. He grabbed the dipping sauce and flicked open the lid. “I want to explore you,” he said as he drew a line of chocolate down Rip’s body. It spilled over his nipples and as low as the waistband of his underwear and Rip groaned, opening his mouth. Taylor understood and squirted some of it between his lips.

“Is it nice?” Taylor whispered, desire consuming his words.

“Beautiful,” Rip answered, but he stared at the man above him, insinuating for both Taylor and the camera that he wasn’t talking about the chocolate.

“I bet it tastes even better on you.” Taylor dipped his head, his tongue darting out to taste some of the chocolate lines over his chest. His tongue barely touched his skin, but Rip’s trapped cock jerked against Taylor’s ass anyway.

Taylor glanced at him from beneath lowered eyelashes. He grinned wickedly, keeping his gaze latched on Rip’s as he licked at the chocolate drawn across Rip’s right nipple. His tongue swiped over the nub and it hardened beneath the attention.

“Mm. I was right. It does taste good on your body.” Taylor made a pointed gesture of licking his lips.

“How about you go lower?” Rip teased with a deep huskiness.

Taylor waved a finger at him. “Uh uh. We go at my pace.”

Rip raised an eyebrow. What happened to the shy Taylor he’d met? He didn’t know, but he liked it, a lot. He smirked. “I’m sorry. Please continue.”

Taylor’s finger lowered and traced over his face, tracing his jaw and lips, stopping only to dip his finger between Rip’s lips briefly. “Good boy.”

“Are you bottoming from the top?” Rip teased, his own tongue darting out to taste Taylor’s finger before Taylor jerked it away.

“Maybe.” Taylor ran a hand through his hair, messing up his blond locks. “I told you, I’m not ready for sex, but that doesn’t mean I can’t explore your body.”

The only reminder Rip had that they were doing a scene was a small exhale from Georgey. He ignored it. He reached up the best he could, begging for a kiss, and groaned when Taylor complied. Taylor devoured his lips and he revelled in the fervent kiss. He couldn’t get enough of them and he continually wanted more.

Taylor broke the kiss, his chest rising and fall in short pants. “I can’t get enough of you.”

It was the truth, Rip could tell, and he smiled gently. “Me either. You’re addicting.”

To the crewmembers, it was an act, but he knew Taylor could see the returning truth in his words.

Taylor inhaled quietly and he leaned down for another short, passionate kiss. He worked his way down Rip’s body, tracing the lines of chocolate and leaving behind a wet trail that made Rip shiver with need. Finally, after what felt like forever, he’d traced the chocolate lines lower and lower until his tongue was so close to his waistband that Rip felt the urge to just rip off his underwear and beg Taylor to suck his cock.

He arched his back, thrusting his hips up, and the hard outline of cock brushed against Taylor’s jaw. Taylor gasped and Rip watched his eyes trail over his outlined erection.

“You make me so hot, Taylor,” Rip whispered, loud enough for the camera to hear.

Taylor’s gaze flew up to meet his and to Rip’s shock, he dipped his head, rubbing his cheek against Rip’s erection. His cock jerked and Rip’s heart raced, thumping against his ribs. The blood pounded against his ears and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Taylor as he nuzzled his cock through his underwear.

It had gone beyond Dirty Mess’s most erotic scene, but no one stopped them, clearly captivated with what was happening in front of them. If Tate was here, he would had stopped it ages ago, but Rip was glad he wasn’t. He wanted more.

Taylor exhaled, his breath hot against the spot of his underwear where his cock was leaking.

“I shouldn’t,” Taylor murmured. He crawled up Rip’s body and Rip pushed down the groan of disappointment. He wanted Taylor badly, so fucking badly. “I want our first time to be special.” Taylor cupped his cheek and kissed his softly.

The kiss wasn’t what Rip expected. The desire was there, but the tenderness controlled the emotions behind it. It was much more than anything he’d felt before and his lips tingled beneath Taylor’s.

Taylor smiled at him and grabbed the strawberries from the cabinet. He opened the punnet and used the dipping sauce to cover the end of a strawberry with chocolate. A bit of it escaped and dripped onto Taylor’s chest and Rip leaned up, his tongue darting out in a begging gesture. Taylor grinned wickedly at him and leaned forward so Rip’s tongue could lick up the chocolate. He moaned as explosion mixture of Taylor’s sweet taste and chocolate exploded in his mouth. Perfect. Yummy.

Taylor pressed the strawberry to his lips and Rip took a bite. The juice was an added explosion to his already sensitive taste glands and he groaned around the fruit.

Taylor licked his lips and raised the rest of the strawberry to his own lips, eating the rest of it before throwing the leftovers back into the punnet. He grabbed another one and again covered it in chocolate. This time though, he ran the strawberry down his own chest, leaving a smear of chocolate against his skin.

“Do you want a taste?” He teased, shuffling closer.

Rip moaned, his cock leaking in his underwear, as he followed the trail of chocolate with his tongue and ate the strawberry Taylor held out toward him. He couldn’t get enough. He wanted. Damn, he wanted so badly.

“You’re so hot,” he whimpered. “I want to fuck you. I want to be inside of you.”

“Not yet. One day soon though.” Taylor ran his thumb over his bottom lip. “One day very soon I’ll let you put your cock inside me.”

“Fuck yes. Come here.” Rip tilted his head and Taylor met his lips in a hard, passionate kiss.

“Cut!” Georgey’s deep, throaty voice cut through their moment.

Rip groaned into Taylor’s mouth. He didn’t want to stop. “No,” he murmured quietly enough that only Taylor could hear him when he broke the kiss.

Taylor cocked his head, a small, sad smile on his face as he threw his leg over Rip and rose from the bed. He undid the rope on Rip’s wrists. “Are you okay?”

The chatter of the crewmembers was distracting, and Rip fell back against the pillows. As soon as his wrists were released, he reached down to give his cock a nice hard rub. He was hard as nails and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Taylor nudged him on the arm. “Sorry if I went too far.”

Rip raised his eyebrow at him. “Fuck no, you didn’t. It was hot. The audiences will love it.”

“Audiences…yeah.” Taylor pursed his lips and nodded. He released Rip’s ankles and then walked off the set without another word. Rip followed his movements and he frowned. What did he say to piss Taylor off? Clearly it was something.

“What a scene!” Georgey skipped over to him. “I’ve never seen a more artistic scene in my life! A sure winner.”

“You don’t think we went too far?” Rip threw his feet over the edge of the bed and rubbing his wrists. They had rope burns on them, but they didn’t hurt. He’d had those type of burns before and they never bothered him.

“Well, we haven’t gone as far as you two have before, but I think the audiences will love it. You kept your clothes on, so that’s the main thing.”

Georgey clapped him on the back and went to walk away, but Rip grabbed his arm to stop him. He glanced around, making sure the other crewmembers were too busy to listen to their conversation.

“Georgey, what do you see when you look at Taylor and me?”

The director frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Do you see us acting?”

Georgey snorted as he fell on the bed beside Rip. “Boy, I’ve seen you film with many different men in my time here as a director and that was acting. This thing with Taylor, that’s not acting. That’s as real as it gets. You already admitted to your cousin that you planned on seducing him, right?”

Rip’s brows rose. “How do you know about that?”

“Tate talks to me too, you know. You’re both like sons to me.” He shrugged. “If you ask me, you feel something for the boy. What you feel, I don’t know. But it’s there. Now let me ask you something. Why did you want to do this storyline with Taylor?”

Rip grimaced. He was dreading someone asking him that question eventually. “Because I hated the thought of another guy kissing him.”

“But you’d only met him. What makes him different?” A crewmember approached them, but Georgey waved him off. “Love at first sight?”

Rip snorted. “It’s not love, Georgey. It’s attraction.”

“Attraction leads to love. So it was attraction at first sight. What makes him so different from all the other hot boys?” Georgey tapped him on the cheek.

“I don’t know. When he sent Tate a picture, after he’d first talked to him about auditioning, Tate showed me it to get my opinion. There was something about him. He was hot, but there was something else. A vulnerability. It called to me.”

“Hm.” Georgey shook his head. “Congratulations, Rip. This is the most you’ve ever opened up.”

Rip’s eyes jerked toward his friend. “What?”

“You’re not exactly the most open person. You hide behind the smirking Ripley Reed persona. This is the real you. So talk to Taylor, because if I can tell you anything, it’s that he feels exactly the same way as you do.” Georgey sent him a pointed stare, patted him on the shoulder and rose from the bed, scampering off again to give orders to the crewmembers. No doubt he’d spend the night editing the video, cutting different angles together to put together the most perfect, artistic scene he could.

He left Rip with plenty of things to think about though and he didn’t even know where to begin.


Disclaimer: No part of this blog story may be copied or used in any way without my permission. This work is copyrighted to Meg Bawden. Photos are purchased from DepositPhotos. They may not be saved from this blog and used elsewhere, as it is illegal. Cover created by Cover Couture. Thank you.

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