Welcome to my blog! For those who don’t know who I am, I am a gay romance author. My main author website can be found HERE.

In this blog, I will have daily events that I hope you enjoy! The daily events include:

Mondays: Mate Monday – I’ll be visited by a new author every Monday.
Tuesdays: Taylor Tuesday – This will be the day I post a chapter of my blog story. The story will begin in 2018.
Wednesdays: Wet Wednesdays – Every Wednesday will be a picture of a very hot wet male ;).
Thursdays: Teaser Thursday – I will post teasers from my stories every Thursday.
Fridays: Free for All Friday – Anything and everything will happen on Fridays!
Saturdays: Suitor Saturday – Every Saturday, I’ll post of a picture of a potential character. AKA. More hot men!
Sundays: Snapshot Sunday – Every Sunday, I will post a short snippet from my characters enjoying their life. Just a snapshot into their world.

If you’re an author who wishes to be a Monday Mate, please visit my contact page and contact me. xx.